Gagnon - WIP head (Part 3) and teaser of new one

Gagnon head is ready for primering, so these photos are last in material.

I contimued sculpting hairstyle, and tried to make some eyes. It is rather interesting but long process.

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WIP head (Part 2)

I'm continuing working on this head. Spent some time on polishing the surface of it, completing shapes of eyes, ears and so on.

Did some texture on lips. I didn't try it before, so I thought that it may become a very fast and funny process. I like the result, because did not expect such a cute effect.

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New WIP head and dormant Naga's head

  • Work in progress Head
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Lets start

This is my first post on this blog and I'm glad to say Hello for everyone who's reading me)


Firstly I want to show one of my bjd heads wich is finished right now and ready for casting.


I named him Gideon.

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