Gagnon - WIP head (Part 3) and teaser of new one

Gagnon head is ready for primering, so these photos are last in material.

I contimued sculpting hairstyle, and tried to make some eyes. It is rather interesting but long process.

Did the eyes in green colour and like the firs result. Its size is 13 mm with 4,5 iris. May be it will be easier to start with bigger size, but I wantet some eyes specially for Gagnon head.

Gagnon head with 13 mm Green apple eyes.

I cleand all clay from the head, covered cup, cut the eyes (finalized it) and corrected some small details. So exsiting to see Gagnon head on this working stage*О*

Gagnons haircut is going to be ready soon too. Now it looks like on lower photo.

To the end of the post I wast to present a small teaser with new girl head. I started it yesterday)

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