WIP head (Part 2)

I'm continuing working on this head. Spent some time on polishing the surface of it, completing shapes of eyes, ears and so on.

Did some texture on lips. I didn't try it before, so I thought that it may become a very fast and funny process. I like the result, because did not expect such a cute effect.

 After I finished the lips I took a thought that it will be a good idea to add some sculptural hairstyle. With this hair the head looks like I'm going to do a bust in the end. Hope to do it removable. 

It took a lot of time(for about 3 weeks) to write this post, because I was very busy. I had time to scuplt, but not for writing something in the internet.

Now this head is ready for primering. So...in the next post it will be the last time I will show it in white colour. Also will show one new thing wich I made for this head.


Ow...just forgot. Its time to name this guy.  I surf the internet with the question wich wariant from Gannen/Ganien/Gagnon/Gagnen will be closer to transcription [Gænjən], and Gagnon become the most suitable.


At the end 2 more photo shots of Gagnon in 2/4  and 2/3 perspective with his haircut. ^__^

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    VanillaL (Wednesday, 28 October 2015 04:13)

    The lips are incredibly amazing! Fell in love with such realistic lips and your idea of hair. Sooooo daaaamn how I like your work! Stunning guy <3