New WIP head and dormant Naga's head

  • Work in progress Head

I've just begun a new head. It is still unnamed, because I can't decide am I molding a girl or a guy. Anyway now its my favorite stage of work. All the steps before cutting head for me are really exciting and going so fast. I'm having fun and thinking about smth new, which I will try to realize in this head.

As always I did the eyes. I will remove it after the begining of internal space, but to sketch the eyes-my tradition. It makes process more entertaining.

  • Naga

And another one head about which I want to write is Naga's head.

There was a period then I wanted to mold smth wich won't take a lot of time, thats why I decided to make a very small head. 

In fact I like sleeping dolls, but doesn't have any. So Naga's head  has closed eyes. And its the first interesting moment for me in this head. The second is-I firstly thied to do a headback with headplate.

Good experience for me)

Hope to start his snake body in nearest future. Thinking of torso with 4 arms and long tail.

Also will try human version too.

Not shure will it be a good idea to do an awaken variant of head, because it will be too problematical to find the eyes. But may be I'm wrong and like his a bit gloomy calm sleeping face too much)

The bottom photo greatly shows us how small Naga's head is in comparison with sd head)

They look cute together)

So I want to end my todays post on this shoot. Hope, I'll write more process posts with WIP head in this month.

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