Lets start

This is my first post on this blog and I'm glad to say Hello for everyone who's reading me)


Firstly I want to show one of my bjd heads wich is finished right now and ready for casting.


I named him Gideon.

It took a lot of time to finish Gideon, and the most part of it was spent on sending and coating the primer. In fact at one moment my old primer come to an end, so I tryed other primers on this sculpt.

One of it gave me exelent rezalt afted coating, but on next day all the head was in craquelure. Ahah, I have never polish anything soooo muuuch time before)

Now I'm fairly satisfied with the work wich has been done. Like gloomy faces and hope this guy looks serious enough. Today will be shipped to casting team. It is really interesting to wait back home the sample with the copies in normal, white and grey skin.

Gideon head measurement:

  • 21 cm in diameter
  • 12-10 mm eyes
  • ~ 9 inch wig
  • for 65 cm body
  • normal/white/grey skin

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